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Tips for mastering the art of salary negotiations

Salary negotiations can be scary, but what's scarier is 'not' doing it. Employees often have to leave their job to get a higher pay which often leads to them getting laid for a long time. Since asking for a higher pay from the current employers gets you strained, with the employment market being as fickle as it is, some are grateful just to have found employment.

The art of mastering salary negotiation is as important as your career growth. Mastering skills could give you confidence and competence whether hiring or getting hired. So, if it is your first job or your sixth, it is necessary to learn how to negotiate. Although it is a learning process through experience, a guide on how to master this art professionally could make the learning process a lot easier for you. You don't learn it whole unless you start from the basics. Although searching for the do's and don'ts of salary negotiations is almost never-ending for working professionals, let's understand some basic points to be noted.

Recruitomtery is here to help you with expert tips on Do’s and Don’ts in the process of salary negotiations

  • Know your value
    If you are determined to get the pay you think you deserve, it is important to know your worth in the field and to the company. You must have your skills and the competent values you could bring to the company backing you up positively. Count the benefits your company will get from you to take you onboard. If you are unaware of the numbers and value you hold, the hiring person takes the entire control of the conversation.
  • Don’t skip on conversations with recruiters
    We often reject calls or avoid talking to the recruiters from companies that we don’t wish to get in. What we don’t understand is that having those conversations is important to garner knowledge first hand about your work’s market value. Pick up those calls from the hiring persons as they call you, being aware of the worth of your experience and expertise. So, next time you get a call, engage in the conversation.
  • State the ‘exact’ number
    While the hiring manager has expertise in salary negotiation, you should be able to take control of the conversation. It would be best if you remembered to take the exact number-say 63,500 (in hand) rather than 63,000. When you are more exact with your number, the hiring person understands that you have done the research and are aware of what you deserve. Also, when you keep your precise number in the negotiation, you will likely get the final offer soon.
  • Don’t fail to explore ahead of time.
    Do enough research from your end ahead of time. Explore how much you deserve or what the field can offer you so that you are confident about the pay request you make to the hiring person. This makes it straightforward for them and also you to where you stand. This saves both time and energy for both parties. When you are confident about the pay you want, you also know if the company is capable of offering you that amount.
    After reading this, you may think it’s not very easy; well, you are right, it’s not, but it’s all about the learning experience. The more you do it, the easier and more confident you become. So now that you know these basic yet important skills to do it right go out and start negotiating. The more you experience, the more you will learn, as it is the way of mastering this art.