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How has remote work benefited businesses - The New Normal - Recruitometry

Over the last few years, what was once a coveted perk afforded to the elite few has become a norm for almost all working professionals - remote working. It is mainly attributed to the onset of the global pandemic, which has changed how the world functions. The shift to remote work is happening on a large scale, and the benefits are being reaped by both the organizations and the employees. Some benefits are evident as the employees cherish the autonomy, flexibility, and privacy that comes with a remote position. In addition, businesses can keep the overhead costs low, and while the task of managing a remote workforce was once daunting, organizations have risen to the challenge.

Benefits of remote work for the employers

Hike in Productivity

Many employers were worried about productivity when working from home but soon realized that their fears were naught. Workers can set up a place where they are comfortable and free from distractions. Given a chance to work from their best-suited places encourages them to get more things done on time. Their chosen place of work, schedule and even the way they dress add to their comfort, which contributes to more focus and productivity.

Savings on equipment

Working from home saves the money spent on office equipment and their maintenance. Many remote workers pay for their working equipment.

Pool of talent

Hiring for an off-site position allows employers to choose the best of the best. Businesses can hire people from anywhere in the world. In addition, it provides a greater opportunity to find staff for specialized projects by scrutinizing their skills and saving money. Another perk of remote working is that there are no relocation costs.

Reduction in absenteeism

Another advantage of remote working is that it reduces the number of leaves that an employee takes. If any employee feels under the weather, they can comfortably work from home rather than take the day off. They don't have to travel while sick and can rest if they need. In addition, if employees can structure their day around their work, they refrain from taking leaves.

Office politics

Office politics is complementary to business life. People experience or cause challenging situations. There are differences of opinion among employees, likes and dislikes, fears, and anger in a working environment. Human resources managers sort out these differences for the business's success, but these challenges are reduced significantly while working from home.


Flexibility in working builds loyalty, which builds trust between employees and the employer. When employees feel that their boss trusts them to do the job their way, they are motivated to work harder and build respect. Loyalty means employee retention as they are happy with their job.

Benefits for the employee

Increased productivity

Employees get more work done when they can work the way they want. The rigid workplace structure and schedules are replaced by an environment where they are comfortable.

More autonomy

Employees gain more confidence and respect for a business that trusts them to work from home. The autonomy manifests in numerous ways, boosting confidence and motivating them to work harder. It also fosters a sense of ownership that gives way to increased creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.

Improved morale and happiness

Allowing employees to work from home enables them to strike a work-life balance. They can take some time out to ease the stress of a fast-paced work environment.

Cost saving

Commuting to work can be expensive, taking up a large chunk of the salary. Working from home cuts down the traveling costs. Childcare costs also get reduced when employees are allowed to work remotely.


Remote working allows once to create our personal space for work that reflects our personality. Employees can create an inspiring workspace by putting up their kids and family pictures. It's all about making the work area entirely yours, creating the right atmosphere to work, and increasing output.

Peace and solace

Traditional offices are often distracting and noisy. The buzz and hustle-bustle of the office might be great from a social point of view but can cause a lot of distraction during work. Some people need total silence to focus on their work, which can sometimes be challenging to achieve. Working from home allows for creative thinking and greater productivity.

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